Training at Okinawa Village Karate Association Dojos

Each OVKA dojo has a unique array of students that receive training from various sensei.

“You must deal with your own mind well and wait for others to fall apart mentally. 
Win the battle by remaining calm and steal the mind of your opponent”

Sokon Matsumura: Founder of Karate and Okinawan Warrior, by George W. Alexander

Youth Karate

Getting your children into karate is a great way to help them develop responsibility, respect, discipline and self confidence. Okinawa Village Karate Association Dojo are professionals at training children from a very young age.

Adult Karate

Learning Karate as an adult is a great way to develop a fitness routine that will help you loose weight, relax, and relieve anxiety. There is no age limit to learning the Okinawan art of Karate. All Okinawa Village Karate Association dojos will teach you the art and skills of self defense at an adult age.