The Okinawa Village Karate Association is founded by a great group of sensei that have mastered multiple martial arts disciplines. Each sensei has there own unique and complimentary skills and is an honorable person.

A style is only as good as the man who practices.

Sokon Matsumura: Founder of Karate and Okinawan Warrior, by George W. Alexander

John Hutchcroft 9th Dan

John Hutchcroft, 9th Dan, Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu, Koeppel Ha, is sensei at Okinawa Village Karate Dojo in Michigan. John Hutchcroft began training in October, 1968, in the Shorei Goju-ryu system, Gladstone, Illinois. His first sensei was John L. Black.  He attained rank of shodan (1st degree black belt) in July, 1972.  In February of 1974, he started training with Mr. Chuck Bridgewater at Mr. Koeppel’s direction, to start his study of Shuri-ryu.  After one year, he was ready to continue his training at the Peoria dojo with Sensei Randy Holman.   Mr. Hutchcroft trained with Mr. Holman for the next 11 years. During these formative years, he was inducted into the Trias International Society Hall of Fame in 1980 and promoted to Yondan, (4th degree black belt) Shuri-ryu, by Grandmaster Robert Trias.  In 1983, Mr. Hutchcroft was promoted to Chief Instructor for the Shuri-ryu system by Grandmaster Robert Trias…

Rick Hall 8th Dan

Rick Hall 8th Dan is sensei at Bushido Karate Academy

Rick Hall 8th Dan is sensei at Bushido Karate Academy. Sensei Hall began his martial arts training at the age of ten. His first introduction to the martial arts was in 1971 when he first studied the Korean art of Tae Kwon Do, going on to earn a 3rd degree black belt.

He opened up his first school, Clearwater Karate, in 1980 and began opening successive schools thereafter. In 1983 Sensei Hall began his association with Master Koeppel and adopted the Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu system of karate. Today he brings over thirty years of experience to the school that he founded twenty-five years ago. Master Hall currently holds a 7th degree black belt in karate and a 4th degree black belt in kobudo…


Mike Wall 8th Dan

Mike Wall, 8th Dan, is sensei at Paradise Valley Karate in Arizona. Mike Wall took his first lesson in 1972 and in 1974 became a student of John Hutchcroft when he was in Waterloo, Iowa. He earned his Shodan (1st degree) in Shuri Ryu in 1978.  

In 1979, Mr. Wall moved to Phoenix, Arizona to train with the “Father of Karate in America”, Master Robert A. Trias.  Mr. Trias accepted Mike as a student and he became a staff instructor for the Trias dojo.  He trained with Mr. Trias until the Master died in July 1989.  Mr. Wall obtained the rank of Rokudan (6th degree).  In 1981, he opened the Paradise Valley School of Karate, one of the oldest established karate dojo in Phoenix…

Chris Breward 6th Dan

Chris Breward, 6th Dan, is the general manager and sensei at Bushido Karate Academy in Florida. Promoted the kid’s program by presenting the karate school’s product through school talks & demos. Became Program Director for Accounts Payable / Receivable while maintaining business accounting and financial records.

Maximized enrollment with community involvement by reaching out through fairs, seminars and charity events. Sustained a steady retention quotient under 2% beating the competition belonging to Educational Funding Company. Increased student occupancy of 175 contract accounts to over 250 in less than one year leading to Educational Funding Company recognition for the “Most Inspiring Instructor of the Year” award. Increased overall revenue 41% from company induction.


Heather Wall 5th Dan

Heather Wall, 5th Dan Matsumura Shorin Ryu, is sensei at Paradise Valley Karate in Arizona and Guro at FKA Phoenix Arizona. Training 2005 – to present, Styles – Matsumura Shorin Ryu, Pekiti Tirsia, Honors – USKA Hall of Fame 2015, Bushido International 2015, Guro with the World Kali Association 2016, Small double blade ax by Hanshi Koeppel 2010. Heather began with Sensei Wall in 2005. She is a full time instructor at the Paradise Valley School of Karate.

She has been an active competitor and is involved in preparing our students for competing. Mrs. Wall has been a National and World Champion in competition and Points in both the USKK and the USKA from 2009-2016. Heather has been the recipient of the USKA All American award, was inducted into the USKK Bushido Society in 2015, and the USKA Hall of Fame in the same year…

David Schielein 8th Dan

Davd Sheilein training with Phillip Koeppel

David Schielein, 8th Dan, is sensei at Phil Koeppel’s Karate in Illinois. He achieved 8th Dan under Phillip Koeppell and currently is at Phil Koeppel’s Karate in Illinois. n 1968 I walked into Phil Koeppel Karate on Main St at Sheridan in Peoria, IL at 20 yrs old. In 1969 I left for Basic training and AIT at Ft Bennington, Ga. When I came back home on leave Sensei had moved upstairs over the Madison Theater downtown Peo.

When I finished and came back early 1970 it was the “ Infamous “ dojo on Knoxville Ave The training there was grueling and rewarding as well. In 1982 I started traveling with Sensei doing seminars and major competitions thru the 80’s ; 90’s ; 2000’s… I was the traveling Uki…


James Walker 5th Dan

James Walker 5th Dan - Bushido Karate Academy Colorado

James Walker, 5th Dan, is sensei at Bushido Karate Academy in Colorado. Dedicated to improving the quality of all of our students lives one lesson at a time. The teachings of traditional martial arts focus is on the mastery of oneself. Through fostering these tenets our students learn to become successful in all areas of their lives.

Traditional Okinawan Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have long been some of the most effective ways of self defense never relying on strength but technique, thus allowing a much smaller person the ability to defend themselves effectively.

Tedd O’Neill 6th Dan

Ted O’Neill 6th Dan, Cascade Village Karate, Michigan

Tedd O’Neill, 6th Dan, is sensei at Cascade Village Karate in Michigan. Tedd O’Neill’s interest in karate began in 1972. He was ten years old and was fortunate to have Tadashi Yamashita as his first instructor. In 1982, his adult practice began again under Sensei Gene Wudkewych and Kobayoshi Seito Shorin-Ryu continued until 1998.

Mr. O’Neill followed Sensei Wudkewych in a style change to Matsumura Seito Shorin-Ryu Koeppel Ha from 1998-2003. In 2003, Mr. O’Neill asked Sensei John Hutchcroft if he could become a student and began traveling to Holt Michigan for his personal training. Mr. O’Neill has run his own dojo since 2008. Sensei O’Neill holds the rank of 6th Degree black belt…


Jon Ruiter 4th Dan

Jon Ruiter, 4th Dan, is sensei at Fabiano’s Karate Center in Michigan. Home Classes About Tournaments Resources Contact Jon Ruiter Instructor Since 2002 Sensei Jon Ruiter. Sensei Jon Ruiter began his martial arts journey in 1989 while attending Michigan State University.

Fabiano’s Karate trains under the exciting style of Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu. This style is similar to the style used in the “Karate Kid” movies. Tom Fabiano is no longer the Owner of the school after his retirement in August 2015. The school has been purchased by Jon Ruiter who is now the owner…

Erich Shoemaker 4th Dan

Erich Shoemaker, 4th Dan is sensei at Blue Water Dojo in Michigan. I began studying martial arts at around age 13 in Traverse City, MI with Tang Soo Do. Over the years, I experimented with various styles before finally finding Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu at the age of 25 underneath Sensei Tom Fabiano in Holland, MI. Upon joining the school, my interest in the art along with my previous experience propelled me to set the school records for the fastest 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dan before Sensei Fabiano’s retirement.

Following his departure, I transitioned to studying with his sensei, Hanchi John Hutchcroft in 2016, which led to a vastly greater and deeper understanding of the art. In 2018, Hanchi promoted me to 4th Dan at a particularly meaningful moment that significantly caught me off guard and remains one of my fondest memories in the martial arts….


Darrell Kline 6th Dan

Darrell Kline, 6th Dan, is sensei at Emerald Coast Village Karate in Florida. Sensei Kline began his martial arts training in 1971 under MK Kim TKD. He studied Shorin Ryu under Ernest Estrada in Grand Rapids Michigan, Jujitsu under Rod Sacharnoski and Bud Magee in the late 70’s in Elkhart Indiana.

Sensei Kline started training under Master Koeppel during the mid 90’s and was promoted to 6th Dan Shorin-Ryu in 2001 by Master Koeppel. Sensei Kline continued his Shorin-Ryu training under Sensei Hutchcroft to this present day…

Dan Graham 7th Dan

Dan Graham earned his 7th Dan at the Okinawa Village Karate Dojo under sensei John Huthcroft. The Okinawa Village Karate Dojo is located in Holt Michigan…


Ryan Rivard 6th Dan

Ryan Rivard earned his 6th Dan at the Okinawa Village Karate Dojo

Ryan Rivard earned his 6th Dan at the Okinawa Village Karate Dojo under sensei John Huthcroft. The Okinawa Village Karate Dojo is located in Holt Michigan. I met Sensei Hutchcroft through our love of training at World Gym and began training in Matsumura Seito Shorinryu with Sensei Hutchcroft in 2001.

Sensei encouraged younger students to compete in tournaments to improve focus in training, to challenge themselves, and to demonstrate our system and school’s karate. While competing in my younger years, I was brown belt kumite national champion in 2003/2004…

Scott Karns 6th Dan

Scott Karns earned his 6th Dan at the Okinawa Village Karate Dojo

Scott Karns earned his 6th Dan at the Okinawa Village Karate Dojo under sensei John Huthcroft. The Okinawa Village Karate Dojo is located in Holt Michigan. Scott’s karate training began training at the Graham Dojo in September of 1996. Under Sensei’s Ruby and Dan Graham, Scott studied Shotokan for 4 years.

Then in 2000 the Grahams, under the guidance of Sensei Hutchcroft, began to migrate their school to Matsumua Seito Shorin Ryu. Though the Grahams were in the process of changing to Matsumura Seito, I was tested and received my Sho Dan in Shotokan in June of 2001…


Dale Arnold 6th Dan

Dale Arnold earned his Rokudan 6th Dan at Okinawa Village Karate Dojo under sensei John Huthcroft In December 2022. The Okinawa Village Karate Dojo is located in Holt Michigan. He started Kenpo karate under Gary Mollett (6th Dan) at Lansing Karate and Self Defense in April 1993.

Sensei Mollett moved our school to Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu, under Hanshi Philip Koeppel (10th Dan), in Fall of 1995, earned Shodan in December 1995 and began training under Sensei John Hutchcroft (9th Dan) in December 2005 as Sandan at Village Karate dojo in Holt, MI…

Greg Funk 6th Dan


Greg Funk, 6th Dan, is sensei at Phillip Koeppel’s Karate in Illinois.


Ruby Graham 6th Dan

I began training in Taekwondo Chung Moo Quan, January 1975, under Richard and Ann McDowell, Holt, Michigan. I was promoted to 1st grade Black Belt on May 16, 1978 by Master Marshall Johnson, Ypsilanti, Michigan. 

In 1978 I began training in Iki Shin Do Karate, an offset of Shotokan karate, initially under Sensei Victor and Stevie Harrell and then Sensei John Anderson.  I was promoted to 2nd Dan in 1986, 3rd Dan 1991, and 4th Dan 1996…