“There are no advanced techniques in karate,
just the advanced application of basic ones.”
(Old saying)

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To register or renew your membership or register your dojo for the Okinawa Village Karate Association please download the pdf or rtf form below and mail it to:

Sensei John Hutchcroft
3780 Royale Dr. Holt, MI 48842

In order to register there is correlating documentation required that is sent with the form such as martial arts history and katas performed. If you need to pay membership or promotion fees, you can do this at the online shop or mail in the required payment to the given address.

Okinawa Village Karate Association Registration

To register or to renew membership with the Okinawa Village Karate Association, you can download the membership forms at the following links. After you fill out the form you may submit it to the administrator via email or postal service.

Individual Membership Form: PSD document RTF Rich Text Format

Fee Payment Links:

New Member Fee
New Member Fee
Membership Renewal Fee
Renewal Fee
Member Promotion Fee
Promotion Fee

Dojo School Registration Form

To register your dojo (school), download and fill out the below form and submit it to the Okinawa Village Karate Association.

School Registration Form: PSD documentRTF Rich Text Format

Dojo Registration Payment Links:

Dojo Certification Fee
Dojo Certification Fee
Annual Dojo Renewal Fee
Annual Dojo Renewal Fee
Additional Schools Fee
Additional Schools Fee